Do you have a learning POD? 
Does it need some creativity? 
Check out our AWESOME selection of art activities below.
     Things to NOTE:  
  • All art activities are for all ages
  • All art supplies are provided (except t-shirts)
  • All art activities are one hour
  • All art activities are $100 for the first 5 children, $20 for each additional child up to 10 children 
  • You can choose:
    - For us to come to your POD or
          - You may bring your POD to us (this will incur an additional $50 fee)* 
          *classes will be taught at The Wheat Ridge Grange, 3850 High Court, Wheat Ridge CO 80033
Email us with any questions you have.  See you soon! 

Make Clay Cupcakes

Let's make these whimsical and delightful sculptures together.  Creating Joy!

Glaze Clay Cupcakes

Now that we've made these great sculptures, let's glaze them, and the Joy continues!

Paint T-Shirts

Craft colorful, creative designs to your hearts content! POD team t-shirt?

Watercolor Painting

Watercolor painting is Sooooo much fun!  We'll use it to create these gorgeous wall plants.

Yarn Bowls

These colorful, texture rich bowls are incredible! We'll get creative with colors and patterns.  

Up-Cycled Art

Using all recycled materials we'll let our imaginations out of the box and make magic!

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